About Us

In October 2000, after 18 years in the food industry, Richard Sand started his own company, Ingredients Plus Distribution Inc. Seeing a need to serve the food manufacturers with grain products, and encouraged by suppliers, customers, family and peers, Richard put his hard-earned knowledge and contacts to work.

From its humble beginnings in the basement of Richard's house, Ingredients Plus Distribution Inc. has flourished and now carries over 300 items in its Port Coquitlam (BC) warehouse. The company has a strong network of global suppliers and continually nurtures and cultivates those relationships to keep a consistent and reliable supply chain with complete traceability, accountability and documentation.

Coming from different backgrounds with experiences from other sectors of various industries, the team at Ingredients Plus Distribution Inc. brings together an incredible diversity in overall beliefs and desires to move the company forward in a positive direction. All staff, whether in the warehouse or the office, understand the value of conducting business with the highest level of ethical, moral and professional standards.

Assuring high quality products and focusing on their customers, it's little wonder Ingredients Plus Distribution enjoys a solid reputation with high customer satisfaction and loyalty.